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Dev Blog #5: A Tour in the World of Esports

Devblog banner 005 .jpg

After the success of Enter the Arena, Stunlock Studio's Esports Manager GrimGoon has taken some time to do a write up of Battlerite's first tournament with a major prize pool, and the future of Battlerite as an Esport.


Welcome to the community news, we’ve got a lot of things on the table today, so let’s just dive on in!Battlerite - A New...

20 September, 2017 - Battlerite - A New Era

Welcome to a new era of Battlerite!We've got a roadmap and a lot to show you: new seasonal events, new Champions, and most im...

19 September, 2017 - Patch [UPDATED 09/20]

You can view the patch notes more properly formatted here[].[UPDATED 09/20]After additional testing and h...

Before we get started with today’s dev blog, we regret to inform you that there will not be a champion released in the late...