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Mounts are utilized in-game to increase movement speed while in use. Pressing Z while riding will give you a temporary speed boost. Casting any ability will dismount you, as well as getting hit by an enemy ability. You will also receive a snare for a couple seconds if forcefully dismounted by an enemy.

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Available Mounts

Rarity Icon Normal.pngRam

Rarity Icon Rare.pngDemonic Ram

Rarity Icon Rare.pngHoly Ram

Rarity Icon Epic.pngBlack Wulbear

Rarity Icon Epic.pngNoble Wulbear

Rarity Icon Epic.pngRoyal Wulbear

Rarity Icon Epic.pngNoble Steed

Rarity Icon Epic.pngSwift Steed

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngDemonic Steed

Rarity Icon Epic.pngMagnificent Moose

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngDemonic Moose
Pumpkin Icon.png

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngArcane Moose

Rarity Icon Epic.pngSwift Furrycorn

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngArcane Furrycorn

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngSpooky Furrycorn
Pumpkin Icon.png

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngGoblin Throne
Ultimate Fan Pack Icon.png

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngBattle Wolf
Ultimate Fan Pack Icon.png

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngRazer Warhound

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngMolten Warhound

Rarity Icon Legendary.pngLightning Warhound