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A red bar above the player's model indicates the successful cancel of an ability.

Interrupt, or Ability Canceling, is a mechanic in Battlerite that allows the player to cancel their ability during the casting animation or during abilities that are channeled, such as Shifu's

Spin into a whirlwind dance and deal 112 damage over 2.75s to nearby enemies. Grants you a Shield and movement speed increase for the duration.

, Ruh Kaan's

Spin your scythe, dealing 42 damage over 1.8s to nearby enemies. Heal self equal to damage dealt.

or Sirius'

Channel a beam of light that deals 100 damage to enemies, heals allies for 100 health, and heals yourself for 50 health over the duration.

. This allows a player to bait out an opponent's abilities if they try to preemptively act before the ability is fired.

The default keybind for Interrupt is set to "C", but can be changed according to the player's preference.