Energy Rune

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The Energy Rune, commonly referred to as the "middle orb" or "mid orb", is a large orb in the middle of every map that will grant Energy and Health to the team that destroys it. The Energy Rune is immune to all debuffs in the game, but can be displaced via abilities.

Destroying the Rune[edit | edit source]

The rune has 60 health, and will take damage from any source until it is destroyed. Immediately after, the team that landed the last hit will gain 20 HP (10 real + 10 Recovery Health) and 25 Energy. It is important to understand that this will immediately affect all members of the team, no matter where they are on the map. If you are the only player left, you will receive 50 energy instead.

Spawn Timer[edit | edit source]

The rune will spawn at the beginning of each round after a small delay. Spawn time is 20 seconds. Once spawned, the rune will stay up until it is destroyed, at which time it will re-spawn again after the timer is up. The timer is displayed as a ring around the outside of the rune, which will slowly fill up with glowing energy. When it completes the circle, the rune will spawn again.