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Hello and welcome to the Battlerite wiki! I am glad you took an interest in editing here. If you already know how to edit wikis you might want to check out the section on Cargo for info on how we do things here. If you are completely new you should read this whole page and the relevant links, it might seem like much but it is pretty straightforward. If you have any question feel free to contact the admins either on the admin noticeboard or on their respective profiles (Encredechine, John4d252, emberimp).

Markdown[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki uses Markdown to format text. Markdown is a simple but very powerful tool and is used all over the web, for example on Wikipedia, reddit and StackOverflow. When first starting to edit you will likely happen upon the Visual Editor, which is a WYSIWYG editor for markdown. This editor is very handy and perfectly fine for doing smaller edits but we highly recommend you switch over to the markdown editor. To switch from the visual editor to the markdown editor press the [[]] button. The markdown editor is also always opened when you click any kind of "edit source" link, either on section headers or the navigation menu.

For example to make text bold with markdown you can use '''bold text''' which produces bold text or to make a link to another page you can use [[Ashka]] which produces Ashka.

To learn more about markdown see MediaWiki Help:Formatting or use the Help section in the text editor.

Templates[edit | edit source]

To make rendering of templates consistent

  1. always include both the <includeonly> and <onlyinclude> tags
  2. always put them in that order surrounding the template
  3. always close your noincludes with the <noinclude> tag

Conventions[edit | edit source]

Cargo Tables[edit | edit source]

Cargo is a plugin for MediaWiki which acts as a sort of database. It makes use of traditional wiki functionality (templates, pages) to create tables which can be queried much like a traditional database. We use it here on the Battlerite wiki to make common tasks easier and to enable features otherwise not possible. Editing them is a little different than editing normal wiki pages but not much harder.

For advanced users: Cargo allows for tables to be defined in a template, and data to be added to the table by calling that template. You can call that template from anywhere but we decided to make dedicated pages for each table where the data is also displayed. Some examples are Ability Data and Template:Ability Data, Battlerite Data and Template:Battlerite Data, Champion Data and Template:Champion Data (our Battlerite wiki abc ;). All tables can be seen at Special:CargoTables and more info on Cargo can be found here

Let's look at an example. Imagine a new patch came out and Rooks HP got buffed to 420. Information about champions is stored on the Champion Data page. On that page there is a section for every champion. After clicking "Rook" on the table of contents click "edit source". Now you can see a lot of statements in the form of name=value, we want to edit HP which is called health here. So change health=250 to health=420 and save your edit. Now when the page refreshes you would see that the health has changed just as we intended. But if you'd go to the Rook page the old value would still be shown. This is because the old value is still in the cache and we need to clear (purge) the cache. One way to do this is to go to the page, go to the edit view and save it without changing anything (this is called null editing). This will purge the cache and make the wiki display the new value. For more info see here. If you want to purge multiple pages at once see Easy Purge.

Cosmetic Data[edit | edit source]

This table is used to display cosmetics on the champion pages. To show cosmetics in the order as they are shown in the client the internal id of the rows in the table are used. When adding cosmetics the ids of those newly added cosmetics are added at the end of the list, so they will display as last item. To fix this recreate the table. This causes the ids to be in the order of the entries in Cosmetic Data. To recreate the table go to Template:Cosmetic Data and click "Recreate data" which is located in the menu on the top right under "More".

How to edit champion abilities[edit | edit source]

As an example, let’s say Jumong’s Q was updated in a patch, and you want to document the change.

  1. Go to http://battlerite.gamepedia.com/Ability_Data
    Editing Guide Abilities 1.png
  2. Click “Jumong” on the Contents table, or scroll down to Jumong’s section.
  3. Find Jumong’s Q, which is “Prowl”
    Editing Guide Abilities 2.png
  4. Click “edit source”
  5. Here you will see what the coding looks like.
    Editing Guide Abilities 3.png
    All you have to do is copy paste the section that starts with “{{“ and ends with “}}” (make sure you paste it directly underneath the ability name, in this case, underneath === Prowl ===. Then it will look like this:
    Editing Guide Abilities 4.png
  6. Since in this example you are updating for a patch, change “version=” and replace the numbers with the current patch number. You can then proceed to replace values that correspond to the patch changes. So as another example, if they changed Jumong’s Prowl cooldown to 13 from 12, you would change “cooldown=12” to “cooldown=13”
  7. Once you are finished, click save page at the bottom of the page
    Editing Guide Abilities 5.png
  8. Once you are done editing, you have to go to the Champion’s main page and do a null edit. A null edit is basically opening the editor and saving without doing any actual changes.
  9. So in this example’s case, you would go to Jumong’s main page which is at http://battlerite.gamepedia.com/Jumong. Click “edit source” at the top of the page.
    Then simply click “Save page” at the bottom without doing anything and the champion page will update.
    Editing Guide Abilities 6.png
  10. Then you are done!