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Chests can contain:

All chests will contain exactly three items. Sometimes items will be duplicates of items a player alreeady owns, in which case the player will instead recieve an amount of tokens based on the type and rarity of the item.

Normal chests[edit | edit source]

Silver, Gold and Legendary chests are always obtainable. Silver chests can be purchased for Battle Coins, while gold chests can be purchased for Gems. Purchasing the Ultimate Fan Pack and Legendary Loot Pack also gives five gold chests and five legendary chests, respectively.

Chests of these types are also obtained when completing certain achievements, and when reaching certain champion levels (silver at 2, 4, 6, 8, gold and 12, 14, 16, and legendary at 18).

Each chest contains three random items in total, one of which has a minimum rarity - rare for silver chests, epic for gold chests, and legendary for legendary chests.

Event chests[edit | edit source]

During certain holiday events, silver and gold chests were replaced with seasonal chests. these chests would contain similar items as regular ones, but could also contain seasonal items which were not obtainable during other parts of the year. One item per chest was guaranteed to be an event item, and for the chests that replaced gold chests, that item was guaranteed to not be a duplicate of an owned item.

Legendary chests were not replaced during these events. Some of these chests were also obtainable from battle passes. All these chests are now unobtainable, although players who still have them may open them.

Event Silver chest Gold chest
Lunar New Year Lunar chest Dragon chest
Winter Event Ice chest Arctic chest
Creepy Event Spooky chest Creepy chest
Prehistoric event Prehistoric chest Ancient chest

Special chests[edit | edit source]

Some other types of chests have also been available.

Champion-specific chests[edit | edit source]

After the releases of the champions Alysia, Destiny, Ezmo, Jamila, Pestilus, Raigon, Shen Rao, Thorn, Ulric, and Zander, chests containing items specific to those champions were temporarily made avilable for purchase. At least one of the items is guaranteed to be a cosmetic for the champion in question, to not be a duplicate, and to be a rare, epic or legendary item.

While champion levels in Battlerite award silver, gold and legendary chests, champion levels in Battlerite Royale instead award champion-specific chests. For the champions that never had purchasable chests, these chests use a generic model.

Royale victory chests[edit | edit source]

Winning first place in a match in Battlerite Royale awards players with a Royale victory chest. These chests can't be obtained by playing Battlerite. One of the items in the chest is guaranteed to be one of the special royale victory items, and to not be a duplicate if possible. Purchasing one of the Legendary Adventure packs also gives players three of these chests.

Anniversary chests[edit | edit source]

Anniversary chests were purchasable for a week during november of 2018 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Battlerite's Free-to-Play launch. These replaced gold chests temporarily, and could contain items from any of the event chests. One of the items was guaranteed to be a non-duplicate item of at least epic rarity from one of the events. These were also available from battle passes. These chests are now unobtainable, although players who still have them may open them.

Pro League chests[edit | edit source]

Pro League chests were obtainable during BPL. They could be won by either taking part in, or betting on the outcomes of, tournament matches. They could also be purchased via Twitch. These chests contained unique BPL items.

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Jade tutorial chests[edit | edit source]

Completing the first set of tutorial challenges at Mount Araz awards players with a single Jade tutorial chest. Unlike other chests, it only contains two items, one of which is guaranteed to be a rare Jade outfit.