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Mevcut tüm şampiyonlar:

ChampType Border Sword.png Menzilliler

Bakko Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Bakko Savaşı kontrol etme ve takımını koruma konusunda uzmanlaşmış, aynı zamanda ölümcül kombolarıyla büyük darbeler indiren tank boksör.
Croak Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Croak Vur ve kaç, ani hasar konusunda uzman. Gizliliği, zehri ve alan hasarı ile çok kaygan olduğunu kanıtlıyor.
Freya Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Freya Ağır karma hasarı ile yakın dövüşçü kahraman. Aldığı über kalkanlar ve düşmanları güçsüzleştirmesi ile arenada rakipsizdir.
Raigon Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Raigon Koskocaman alan hasarı ve yıkıcı kılıç darbeleriyle tanınan kılıç savaşçısı.
Rook Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Rook Hantallığını çokça alan hasarı ve yakın dövüşte durdurulamaz oluşu ile kapatan tehlikeli Rook, kendini iyileştirebilen ve büyük kombolarla rakibi tekleyen bir dövüşçü.
Ruh Kaan Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Ruh Kaan Uzun mesafedeki rakipleri dürtme ve savunmasız düşmanları çekme yeteneği ile Ruh Kaan, alışılagelmiş bir menzilli/dövüşçü şampiyondan çok bir melezdir. Ancak her şekilde yakın mesafede karşısında durulmaz.
Shifu Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Shifu Oyundaki belkide en agresif oyun stiline sahip mobile düellocu Shifu, rakiplerini ezmek için ruhani bir kılıç kullanıyor.
Thorn Portrait.png ChampType Border Sword.png Thorn Alan hasarı ciddi miktarda olan boksör. Düşmanları kendisinine yaklaştırarak, rakiplerine cereyan çarptırarak döndürebilir.

ChampType Border Arrow.png Menzilli

Alysia Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Alysia From the frozen north comes the ice sculptor Alysia. Her power allows her to wield ice with both grace and deadly precision.
Ashka Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Ashka A highly mobile ranged damage champion with a simple, but diverse kit that allows him to zone out enemies with ease.
Destiny Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Destiny
Ezmo Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Ezmo Devilish little trickster that excels in short-mid range with his rapid-fire attacks, yet also has the ability to catch enemies off guard from afar.
Iva Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Iva Iva engineered her own arsenal of weapons, scavenged from the outer realms. A storm of rockets and bullets will greet you when meeting this opponent in the arena.
Jade Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Jade Born with eagle-eyes and armed with a lethal sniper rifle, Jade's pinpoint accuracy is a serious threat for anyone who enters the arena.
Jumong Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Jumong Long ranged skirmisher that excels at filling the arena with thicc arrows. Jumong can control the flow of the game with overwhelming offensive pressure, and also escape pressure with ease.
Taya Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Taya An incredibly mobile champion able to zoom across the arena putting out massive pressure with her boomerang attacks. However, improper use of her meager defensive cooldowns will leave her very exposed.
Varesh Portrait.png ChampType Border Arrow.png Varesh A being formed by the energies of others. Varesh uses his power to weaken and disrupt his enemies. By combining his powers he is able to unleash devastating attacks.

ChampType Border Shield.png Support

Blossom Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Blossom Blossom is a happy, bubbly young faun from the Silverdeep Forest. She has left her home to investigate a disturbance in the natural order. She is always accompanied by her bird companion, Maxwell.
Lucie Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Lucie Lucie is a diverse contender who knows which brew makes you choke, heal or flee in fear. The arena has become her new playground for wild experiments.
Oldur Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Oldur An aggressive, mobile support with a focus on dealing consistent damage with his basic attack while reflecting projectiles and controlling the battle.
Pearl Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Pearl A sage able to control the oceans and whatever creatures that lurk below. Pearl transforms water into volatile attacks, rejuvenating streams and protecting bubbles.
Pestilus Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Pestilus High Priest Pestilus, secret devotee of the evil Rasal, unleashes swarms of insects to infest and cripple his enemies. Advisor to the King of Quna, Pestilus is able to release his innermost darkest desires inside the arena.
Poloma Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Poloma A defensive healer who relies on linking allies and enemies together to propagate healing and damage output respectively, Poloma relies on careful cooldown management and positioning to pressure the enemy team while keeping her own alive.
Sirius Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Sirius Sirius, a calm prodigy who uses the energies of stars and planets as destructive spells and healing powers. The prophecy was true and foretold the birth of the Zenith.
Zander Portrait.png ChampType Border Shield.png Zander Known for his unparalleled perfection in card trickery, teleportation, duplication and transformation, this distinguished illusionist turns the otherwise ceremonial arenas world-wide into spectacular revelries