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Leagues and Divisions[edit | edit source]

Grades have now been replaced by Leagues and Divisions. Each League represents players of a certain span of skill, and each League consists of multiple divisions.

  • Contender : The first time you play League (with a team or by yourself) , you will be placed in Contender League until your skill level is determined. You will then be placed into a League accordingly.Contender League has 4 divisions.Placed players who get a Contender in their team won't lose rating.

Placement League Banner.png

  • Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond - Champion Leagues : In ascending order.All of them consist of 8 division.

Gold League Banner.png

  • Grand Champion - Has no divisions.

Grand Champion Mystery Banner.png

Seasons[edit | edit source]

League is organised in 2 months seasons. At the start of a new season you get rewarded for your efforts in the last season and your rating is getting a "soft" reset.

No Season Name Starting Date Ending Date
1 Arctic Winds 14 December 2016 15 February 2017
2 Tale of Heroes 15 February 2017  ?Mid-April?

League Rules[edit | edit source]

As you gain rating, you will move between Divisions and if you continue to win you will eventually reach the highest Division in a given League, Division 1. Progressing further will promote you to the next League. In the same manner, losing while at the bottom of Division 8 will drop you to Division 1 of the lower League.

In Grand Champion League you start gathering points instead of climbing divisions.When you lose all your points you get demoted.

You have a separate rating for each team you play with. When you start with a new team, the system tries to estimate a skill level based on your other ratings.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

End of season rewards consist in Tokens, Chests and Avatars. The first 5 Grand Champion teams/players on each ladder also get special Titles. You can see the titles awarded and the players who recieved them in Titles Page.