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Grades have now been replaced by Leagues and Divisions. Each League represents players of a certain span of skill, and each League consists of multiple divisions.

  • Placement - The first time you play League (with a team or by yourself) in the Season, you will have to play placement matches. You will then be placed into a League accordingly.

Placement League Banner.png

  • Bronze League - Consists of 10 divisions.

Bronze League Banner.png

  • Silver League - Consists of 9 divisions.

Silver League Banner.png

  • Gold League - Consists of 8 divisions.

Gold League Banner.png

  • Platinum League - Consists of 7 divisions.

Platinum League Banner.png

  • Diamond League - Consists of 6 divisions.

Diamond League Banner.png

  • Champion League - Consists of 5 divisions.

Champion League Banner.png

  • Grand Champion - Has no divisions.

Grand Champion Mystery Banner.png

As you gain rating, you will move between Divisions and if you continue to win you will eventually reach the highest Division in a given League, Division 1. We've also improved the rating calculations so that climbing the ladder is easier (where applicable). Progressing further will promote you to the next League.