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Patch Notes - (Steam)
Jumong’s playstyle around his Hunting Arrow has basically been enhanced with the new changes, while Steady Shot has seen a damage increase to compensate as standing still is now more dangerous than before and to retain its viability in comparison to Hunting Arrow.

  • Ability Border Black.pngHunting Arrow icon.pngHunting Arrow (M1)
    • Damage increased from 15 to 18.
    • Energy Gain increased from 8% to 9%.
    • Range reduced from 9 to 8.5.
    • Radius reduced from 0.3 to 0.25.
    • Cast time reduced from 0.5s to 0.45s.
    • Cooldown increased from 0.25s to 0.3s.

Patch Notes - (Steam)

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for Jumong to recast several abilities simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Battlerite Border Red.pngBear Trap icon big.png Deadly Trap Battlerite to be triggered twice in combination with the Battlerite Border Red.pngHunting Arrow icon big.png Death Mark Battlerite.

Patch Notes - (Steam)
While we are looking into a few bigger changes to Jumong we're slightly tuning down his poke-damage power and raw DPS in this patch to get him more in line with other ranged.

Patch Notes 0.10 - (Steam)

Patch Notes - (Steam)
Due to having a lot of invulnerability frames Jumong has been hard to counter for certain setups. Jumong's overall performance is currently around average but he is still perceived as a very strong Champion. In this patch we reduce the value of some of his defensive abilities and Battlerites while we increase some of his offensive power. The biggest change is the removal of immaterial status during Prowl. Prowl offered little counterplay, with this change it will remain a powerful tool but won't be a guaranteed out. The EX version still grants immaterial status. A cast time reduction on Steady Shot along with a buff to Power Shot should open up for more battlerite builds while also boosting the effectiveness of double casting Steady Shot.

Patch Notes 0.9 - (Steam)
Jumong has been very popular since his release and is so far performing slightly above average. The value per energy on Jumong's Rain of Arrows has appeared to be a tad high and thus we're reducing the power level of this ability while we keep a close eye on his continued performance.

  • Ability Border Black.pngProwl icon.pngProwl and Ability Border Black.pngBlack Arrow icon.pngBlack Arrow recast tooltips are now displayed correctly.
  • Ability Border Black.pngRain Of Arrows icon.pngRain Of Arrows damage reduced from 40 to 35 and slow factor reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Ability Border Black.pngDragon Slayer icon.pngDragon Slayer
    • Will not longer pull enemies if they are hit during uninterruptible dashes.
    • The stun caused by Dragon Slayer can now be dispelled.

Patch Notes 0.8 - (Steam)

  • New Champion - Jumong

ChampType Border Arrow.png
Ashka Ezmo Iva Jade Jumong Taya Varesh
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Bakko Croak Freya Raigon Rook Ruh Kaan Shifu
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Lucie Oldur Pearl Pestilus Poloma Sirius